Yep. A blog.


So over the years people have suggested here and there that I start a blog, and I have played with the idea for a while.  To be honest I have had this blog for months just sitting vacant with no posts.  I decided to stop making excuses and just get it going! It’s not the most beautiful thing on the planet, but it serves its purpose. Minimalistic at its finest. Really what drove me to finally take the plunge is that we are about to buy our first house. We flipped a house last year with two other investors, I wish almost every day that I had documented the complete process! We didn’t get proper “before” pictures and its even hard for us to remember how much the house changed! Much less try to show people all that we did! This time, especially with it being OUR first house, I want to document it all. Before and afters, DIY projects and all. Also I have dipped my toes into the gigantic pool of photography and I wanted a place to share some of my pictures! I am not a poet, or an author… and often times I can’t even spell correctly, but a blog just seemed right at this stage in my life! Besides everyone’s doing it, right? HAHA… So follow along with me if you will… let’s see where this goes!



4 Comments on “Yep. A blog.

  1. You and your husband are so cute! Do you have a timer on your camera or do you have someone take pics of you two? Love love love all of your pictures! 😁😁


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