Downtown West Palm Beach Green Market

The Downtown Green Market just reopened on October 11th and it’s safe to say this is where you can find me every Saturday morning for the next several months! This is the first time I ever brought my camera along, so I decided I’d share a few of my market faves! If you live locally, I’m sure you already go, but, if you don’t and you’re ever in town, make sure to visit! It’s every Saturday morning (except some holiday dates) and it’s open from I believe 9-1pm (I tried to check the website but I think something weird is going on with it and I couldn’t get the times). Without any further ado…

First we (my friend Brooke and I) grabbed a coffee from Subculture, a local favorite coffee spot on Clematis street in Downtown WPB.



The black dot on my hand below is a little lady bug that landed on me right as I walked in! It must be my lucky day!


This, my dear friends, is the MOST heavenly concoction ever, an Iced Coconut Latte


Just a short walk east of Subculture is where the Green Market is located

In my opinion one of the BEST vendors is Tropical Oils and Incense. They sell roll on perfumes that mimic the scent of famous brands like Chanel, Burberry, Chloe etc. The best part is, they smell IDENTICAL to the originals but at a fraction of the cost. You could spend up to $100+ on the original but the roll ons only cost $6! They have really mastered their craft. The perfumes are made with essential oils so it is healthy too! I’ve had a bottle of Chance since before summer began and I wear it everyday. I still have 80% off the bottle left! Also the scent lasts all day.


Now just a few pretty pics. I purchased one of these beautiful moss covered ferns… Couldn’t resist!







There are many delicious food options, but I always go back to these
apple cider doughnuts. For $5 you can share a “Walk around cone” (or you can just eat them all on your own like a big fat fat which I have definitely done before.)


Another awesome perk of visiting any green market is all of the doggies! This little baby in particular caught my eye (and heart. I need one.)



And of course I always bump into a friend or two and sometimes even my little cute nephew, Elliott. Be very jealous, ladies.





I didn’t get a pic of my favorite tea vendor, but this is their website. I love their Coconut Oolong tea and Mango Green Tea. Also there is a nice booth that sells lots of succulents, but I forgot to take a picture of that booth as well.

No matter where you live, Green Markets are a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! What’s your favorite Green Market to visit? Leave a comment below! Happy weekend!!


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