This weekend my wonderful hubs decided to go tear down walls while
I was working. I only got a few before pictures on my camera so I had to pull these off of the MLS listing. I will be posting some in progress pics later this week, and in a few weeks, I may even have a few final pics of a couple rooms! This weekend we bought floor tiles, a toilet and tub for the guest bathroom. We also picked out the floor tiles for the common areas (kitchen, dining, and living room). They are tiles that look like wood! Super durable, and they look great! I really love this new(er) option for flooring. This week the new ACs are also going in! So here are the BEAUTIFUL before pics 😄


This is looking at the house from the front door. Ben already knocked down the wall you see to the right, making the dining room and kitchen open concept.


Again this is if you are standing at the front door and you turn your head to the right. That’s a fireplace down there! The long wall on the left of this picture is the wall he knocked down.


The fireplace!


This is standing in the kitchen looking towards the front door. This is the wall that is gone now. Bye bye ugly cabinets!


This is the prize beauty of the house. Imagine the beams up top painted white. This is going to be converted into a luxurious master! The french doors on the right go out to the pool!


This silly little room is being all torn apart, the wall on the right backs up to the room in the previous picture. Said wall is going bye bye. So is the closet back there. The little room you see right in front is a bathroom that we are making bigger and turning into the cabana bathroom. It will be accessible from the outside and inside. Mostly for use when you are dripping wet from the pool! This room will be convereted into the living room, with the wall gone it is much bigger than this. Also, behind the person taking this picture there are a bunch of french doors that go out to the pool.


Closer look at the cabana bath


This is the guest bathroom that Benja already demolished. I picked out floor tile and paint color for this room this weekend. I get to choose everything for this bathroom as far as decor goes and Ben is choosing everything for the cabana bath. (and then we will fight tooth and nail over the master bath decor. haha)


This is the old master bedroom



There are two other bedrooms that I dont have pics of. The haven’t been demo’d yet so I will take pics before that happens.

Here is the pool after a good cleaning!


Our very first burgers on our new grill!IMG_7068.JPG

Have a great week!!

XOXO, Brittany

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  1. I wrote a comment but I think it got deleted 😦 sooooo…. To repeat myself: what a great house! I cannot wait to see the transformation! So excited for y’all!


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