Worst blogger on the planet, but…. Progress pics!!!

I might be the worst blogger on the planet. I never post. Like, ever. I know. I’m sorry. But here I am now. POSTING!

I decided to go ahead and share some progress pics with you, and the kitchen pics seemed like the simplest thing to share at the moment. (I have to collect pictures of other rooms from a few different sources.) By no means is this the finished product and I am apprehensive about even sharing these. I my mind I want to share these gorgeous “Better Homes and Gardens” esque photos… however, this is real life and sometimes real life is messy. Kinda like these pics. One day (in what seems like the very distant future) I will show completed before and afters. For now, progress pics is what we shall call them.Β I hope you enjoy them for what they are. I will share more pics soon. I promise! Without further ado….




The pictures above are what the house looked like before we touched anything. There is a wall separating the kitchen from the dining room that we took down, making the kitchen/dining area one huge, open space.



This was after the wall was torn down and we were in the process of fixing the electric etc. before we installed the
new kitchen.


Above is the kitchen right before we installed the cabinets and temporary countertops.


You can see in the ceiling where the old wall used to be that closed off the kitchen from the dining area

This pic was taken while standing in the front doorway.


This is standing in the laundry room looking straight at the bar.


A picture of the floors


The farm sink that I had to fight to get, and the SUPER nice and SILENT dishwasher that we kept from
original kitchen

The bar!



And last but not least the kitty drawer with Tubby handles πŸ˜„πŸ˜»

So as you can see we are no where near finished. We have temporary plywood countertops because the quartz we wanted was back ordered for a while and now we are just sort trying to save up for our next round of renovations. We still have to add the crown to the cabinets, the toe kick, the backsplash on the walls, pendant lights, A STOVE/OVEN (which should be on it’s way soon)… I could list a million things. But here we are. I love it and we have come a loooong way since October. Can’t wait to share more with you, and thanks for sticking around 😊

XOXO, Brittany

9 Comments on “Worst blogger on the planet, but…. Progress pics!!!

  1. I can’t even tell you how great it looks…I love the progress pics! I think it’s more fun to see before, during, and after, rather than just before and after. You guys are doing an incredible job! And the Tubby handles…the best touch!


  2. Seriously amazing! Love it! You have great talent for renovating. I’m looking forward to the completion photos!


  3. It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to see it finished because how can it get any better? Loving the kitty pulls! I am swooning over your bathroom from the peeks you have given on Instagram. Also, I was wondering if you’d share some of your make up/skin care products? You are seriously gorgeous and I am always wondering what you use.


    • Thank you so much!! I actually use Arbonne products! I am a consultant for the company. They make excellent products and my skin has improved leaps and bounds since I started using it. Email me if you’re interested in learning more bgiegs@yahoo.com!


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