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Bathroom #1 Reno aka the spa inspired bathroom


This room has been finished for quite some time but I just haven’t gotten around to posting it! This bathroom is one of 3 guest baths and it’s the only one we have completely remodeled so far. Ben and I made a deal that we will each get one bathroom that we can decorate however we want without input from the other person, this bathroom is the one I chose. He will be doing the “cabana bath” that is accessed near the living room and also outside from the pool area. Below you will see some before pics, followed by some progress pics and then the final results. Before we get to the final pics, I will say that I feel like I need some pops of color and I’m not sure if I want to keep the art work that I have hanging, but it’s there for now. Eventually when we get past all of the renovations and move more into the decorating phase, I’m sure I will switch things up a little. Well here we go! …..
This picture is from the MLS listing

And now the “afters”!!

(Aren’t those shower niches cool?!)

Can’t help but post a pic of Tubby in the tub ☺️

So what do you think? Any suggestions about what color I should use to accent with? Feel free to post any comments or questions in the comment section! Thanks for following us along on our renovation journey and super thanks for being so patient with me!