photoHi there, I’m Brittany!

My husband I got married when we were 21 years old and we just celebrated our 6th anniversary. (so I guess that tells you how old I am) We live in sunny South Florida and work together at the buisness that he and his brother own. To see that website click here.  We have two adorable kitties, Tubby and Muffin, our furry children. I enjoy photography and I am learning a great deal about it currently. I also love crafting, gardening, beaching, occasional baking, reading, painting and DIYing with the help of my handsome hubby, Ben.  Mostly my blog will feature my attempt at photography and maybe a mixture of a few other things thrown in here and there. Below are a few of my favorite things. Thanks for visiting my site!

Movie: This is COMPLICATED. I think I need to break it down into category.

Chick Flick: Lucky One/ Action: Casino Royale/ Trilogy: LOTR/ Series: Harry Potter/ Nostalgia: Kindergarten Cop and Legends/ Christmas: The Family Stone and Its a Wonderful Life/ Comedy: Step Brothers, Zoolander, I love you, man… And many more.

TV Show: No contest here. LOST. Forever.

Coffee drink: Iced Coconut Lattes

Food: Mexican!

After 5 o’clock beverage: Gin and soda with lime

I’m sure I’ll add more at some point but that’s all for now!





6 Comments on “About

  1. Brittany it’s so great that you started a blog! Your Instagram pics are great but that little square doesn’t do them justice. Glad you can spread your creativity in this space. I’m excited to follow along!


  2. Welcome to the blogosphere, Brittany! Have enjoyed your amazing photographs on Instagram and was wondering if you’d ever create a blog. So glad you took the plunge! It’s very gratifying and a lovely way to share bits and pieces of life. Looking forward reading along. Have fun!

    All the best!




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