Maui part 1

Last year right before we went to Hawaii I started my blog! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. I have not been very consistent about posting thanks to our house that is very much a fixer upper! I hope to post more this year than last. We just got back from Maui on Friday and I figured I’d share some pics! This time our friends Megan and AJ joined us. It was a lot of fun having friends there to do things with! We stayed at The Westin Maui Resort and Spa which is located right on Kā’anapali beach which was stunning. I’d say that was my favorite part about the hotel. The location. The frozen cocktails  were all pretty yummy too. However the pool and rooms were not my favorite, over all though it was a nice stay. We did all of the touristy things that people do in Maui of course! We snorkeled at Mokule’ia beach, watched the sunrise from above the clouds at the Haleakalā Crater, drove along the Road to Hana, hiked to waterfalls, visited Ocean Vodka and Maui Wine, and of course relaxed by the pool and beach. Hope you enjoy these! 

Day 1: Before Megan and AJ arrived Ben and I woke up early and explored the hotel a little and then decided to drive around. We stopped at Mokule’ia beach which did not disappoint. The water was stunningly clear and blue. We saw several bright colored fish and turtles just while walking around and decided that we would have to come back and snorkel. Afterwards we decided to keep driving along the same road we had been on, which turned into one of the scariest drives ever. The road is called Kahekili Highway on Maui’s west side. Basically it is less than a one lane road with traffic going both ways on the side of several very steep cliffs. Google it. I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy white knuckling my door handle. 😂 we eventually stopped and got super yummy smoothies and then some amazing homemade banana bread. The view from the smoothie bus KIIINDA made the drive worth it.  This first pic is the view from our room. 

After the scary drive we picked up Megan and AJ and relaxed by the pool for the rest of the day. 

Day 2: Snorkeling at Mokule’ia beach. We saw 3 eels, 3 turtles, lots of colorful fish and several different varieties of sea urchins


Day 3: Sunrise at Haleakalā crater and Road to Hana 

The sunrise was beautiful no doubt but it was very misty and we only got to experience the beauty for about 15 min before the clouds rolled in. (We were inside the clouds at this height.) I got a couple of pretty shots and on the way down the crater I got a few more. Then we drove the road to Hana. The black sand beaches were the best!

The Road to Hana

Day 4: Cabana day at the hotel pool and some pics before dinner

Day 5: Ocean Vodka and Maui Wine tours

See blog post ‘Maui part 2’for the rest of the pics!

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