It’s gonna be a White Christmas!

Are you ready for this?? I was barely ready for this. Below are the renderings of my dream kitchen!! We placed the order for our Greenfield cabinets on Monday. They take about 6 weeks to get here so we will be having a white, shaker cabinet Christmas!!  The island is going to be a stained, dark Alder wood.  (The renderings won’t allow two different colors in one kitchen. silly.) These cabinets are no ordinary cabinets; they are American made, and allow for lots of special modifications. In our kitchen we got several roll out shelves, a bakers cabinet complete with jars to hold all baking necessities such as flour, sugar, etc. We also got utensil drawers, knife drawers, and a wine holder for the bar. In fact, Kitchen, Bath and Business Magazine awarded the #1 kitchen design for 2014, to a design firm that used Greenfield Cabinetry! Several of the runner-ups chose greenfield for their design as well! For the counter tops (as of this moment) we have chosen Cambria Torquay, a beautiful quartz material. We plan to do a white herringbone back splash with gray grout. I give full credit to Ben for this amazing kitchen design. This is what he does day in and day out! If you live locally and need cabinets or a countertop, come visit us in our showroom! Here is the website for more information. Without any further ado……

11886 52nd Rd.#11

To the left of the photo below is the bar! Heart eyes for days.

11886 52nd Rd.#22

11886 52nd Rd.#33

This is a picture of the Cambria color that we chose


And this is an example of the herringbone backsplash I mentioned


I really love these West Elm Stools for the Island


Currently I am drooling over a lot of different pendant lights to hang over the island. Any suggestions??


XOXO, Brittany




This weekend my wonderful hubs decided to go tear down walls while
I was working. I only got a few before pictures on my camera so I had to pull these off of the MLS listing. I will be posting some in progress pics later this week, and in a few weeks, I may even have a few final pics of a couple rooms! This weekend we bought floor tiles, a toilet and tub for the guest bathroom. We also picked out the floor tiles for the common areas (kitchen, dining, and living room). They are tiles that look like wood! Super durable, and they look great! I really love this new(er) option for flooring. This week the new ACs are also going in! So here are the BEAUTIFUL before pics 😄


This is looking at the house from the front door. Ben already knocked down the wall you see to the right, making the dining room and kitchen open concept.


Again this is if you are standing at the front door and you turn your head to the right. That’s a fireplace down there! The long wall on the left of this picture is the wall he knocked down.


The fireplace!


This is standing in the kitchen looking towards the front door. This is the wall that is gone now. Bye bye ugly cabinets!


This is the prize beauty of the house. Imagine the beams up top painted white. This is going to be converted into a luxurious master! The french doors on the right go out to the pool!


This silly little room is being all torn apart, the wall on the right backs up to the room in the previous picture. Said wall is going bye bye. So is the closet back there. The little room you see right in front is a bathroom that we are making bigger and turning into the cabana bathroom. It will be accessible from the outside and inside. Mostly for use when you are dripping wet from the pool! This room will be convereted into the living room, with the wall gone it is much bigger than this. Also, behind the person taking this picture there are a bunch of french doors that go out to the pool.


Closer look at the cabana bath


This is the guest bathroom that Benja already demolished. I picked out floor tile and paint color for this room this weekend. I get to choose everything for this bathroom as far as decor goes and Ben is choosing everything for the cabana bath. (and then we will fight tooth and nail over the master bath decor. haha)


This is the old master bedroom



There are two other bedrooms that I dont have pics of. The haven’t been demo’d yet so I will take pics before that happens.

Here is the pool after a good cleaning!


Our very first burgers on our new grill!IMG_7068.JPG

Have a great week!!

XOXO, Brittany

A life that’s good

October 30th 2014. The day we bought our very first house. I can’t believe it actually, finally happened. We first looked at this house August 22nd and fell in love. Not with the house as it is now, but with it’s potential. As I have said before, Ben co-owns a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business with his brother and he knows how to repair/build/do anything he sets his mind to. When we looked at this house, Ben immediately saw it for what it could be. He painted a mental picture for me so I could catch up. (I think he saw the terrified look on my face.) After seeing what he saw, we knew we wanted to call this house our home. We put in an offer, for a good deal below asking price, that same day. No. We didn’t look at any other houses. (I know. Cray cray.) August 22nd happened to be a Friday, so we didn’t actually get the offer to the bank until Monday. Apparently, over the weekend, the bank dropped the price of the house 20 thousand dollars. Good right? Yes and no. Because of the drop in price, the house had over 75 viewings in one weeks time. There were several offers on the table and the bank decided to ask for “highest and best”. We made our offer and then we proceeded to wait. Forever. After being told we were the highest offer before we went on our trip to Hawaii, we had high hopes. When we returned from our trip we found out that the bank declined ALL offers. We were crushed. We decided to take a peek at what else was for sale in the area we wanted to live in. We saw a few online that we figured were at least worth a drive by. Reluctantly we went out one night to look around. One of the houses had an in ground pool IN THE FRONT YARD. Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Another house looked like, if I blew on it, it would crumble to pieces. After those two disasters we gave up. Around this time our realtor contacted us and told us he thought we should re-submit our offer. We did. A few weeks later they accepted it! After many prayers, lots of planning, a zillion jumps through flaming hoops for the loan process, we FINALLY signed for the house today. It’s a major fixer upper. It will be a long process, and I promise at some point there will be tears, but I know this house will be beautiful. I am so excited to share this journey.

We celebrated with margaritas after signing!














“Home is the nicest word there is.”
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Long day necessity

It was a long day. Sometimes long days call for spa nights. At home.








This little girl found a comfy place to relax while I soaked my feet in the BEST smelling bath salts ever! She even told me I look beautiful in my mask. 😉 Happy Monday, friends!


Easy like a Sunday morning

We are still in the end stages of closing on our house, and I don’t really want to talk about that because.. You know… It’s not final yet! BUT thinking about leaving our little home that we have had for 6 whole years makes me so sad! I know we will make our new house a home and I will grow to love it, but as someone who doesn’t embrace change very well, I know it will be hard for me! Anyways, I have always loved the lighting in our condo and I decided to capture some patio photos as it may be one of the last lazy mornings I spend here…. … . SOB!








We are definitely going to have to build a “catio” for this boy.

Mimosa kisses and Sunday dreams,

Downtown West Palm Beach Green Market

The Downtown Green Market just reopened on October 11th and it’s safe to say this is where you can find me every Saturday morning for the next several months! This is the first time I ever brought my camera along, so I decided I’d share a few of my market faves! If you live locally, I’m sure you already go, but, if you don’t and you’re ever in town, make sure to visit! It’s every Saturday morning (except some holiday dates) and it’s open from I believe 9-1pm (I tried to check the website but I think something weird is going on with it and I couldn’t get the times). Without any further ado…

First we (my friend Brooke and I) grabbed a coffee from Subculture, a local favorite coffee spot on Clematis street in Downtown WPB.



The black dot on my hand below is a little lady bug that landed on me right as I walked in! It must be my lucky day!


This, my dear friends, is the MOST heavenly concoction ever, an Iced Coconut Latte


Just a short walk east of Subculture is where the Green Market is located

In my opinion one of the BEST vendors is Tropical Oils and Incense. They sell roll on perfumes that mimic the scent of famous brands like Chanel, Burberry, Chloe etc. The best part is, they smell IDENTICAL to the originals but at a fraction of the cost. You could spend up to $100+ on the original but the roll ons only cost $6! They have really mastered their craft. The perfumes are made with essential oils so it is healthy too! I’ve had a bottle of Chance since before summer began and I wear it everyday. I still have 80% off the bottle left! Also the scent lasts all day.


Now just a few pretty pics. I purchased one of these beautiful moss covered ferns… Couldn’t resist!







There are many delicious food options, but I always go back to these
apple cider doughnuts. For $5 you can share a “Walk around cone” (or you can just eat them all on your own like a big fat fat which I have definitely done before.)


Another awesome perk of visiting any green market is all of the doggies! This little baby in particular caught my eye (and heart. I need one.)



And of course I always bump into a friend or two and sometimes even my little cute nephew, Elliott. Be very jealous, ladies.





I didn’t get a pic of my favorite tea vendor, but this is their website. I love their Coconut Oolong tea and Mango Green Tea. Also there is a nice booth that sells lots of succulents, but I forgot to take a picture of that booth as well.

No matter where you live, Green Markets are a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! What’s your favorite Green Market to visit? Leave a comment below! Happy weekend!!